CherryActive – great for Sports Recovery

CherryActiveYou may not have heard of CherryActive before, but it’s a range that we’ve been stocking for a while and hearing nothing but great things about! CherryActive was created in 2005 when owner John Carey discovered that Montmorency cherries were a fantastic natural remedy for his gout pain. We stock the two main products in the CherryActive range – the concentrate and the capsules.

Below are some of the benefits of CherryActive – we think you’ll be pretty surprised by what these cherries can do for you!

  • Regular exercisers or athletes in training find that CherryActive is the ultimate recovery product, as when taen regularly it reduces exercise-induced soreness and also promotse rapid recovery.
  • People suffering from joint discomfort caused by gout or arthritis can notice huge improvements after taking CherryActive – the Montmorency cherries in the products are a rich source of anthocyanins, which possess natural, anti-inflammatory properties and also assist the body in maintaining healthy levels of uric acid.
  • If you often struggle to sleep, or don’t feel that you get enough quality sleep, then CherryActive coul dbe hugely beneficial – the cherries used are rich in melatonin – this is produced by the brain to regulate healthy sleep cycles.
  • We’re all aware of the benefits of antioxidants and we’re regularly told to increase our intake in order to protect our bodies from harmful ‘free radicals’. CherryActive is a fantastic way of increasing antioxidant intake!

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