Feeling Festive – Frankincense and Myrrh

Frankincense Essential OilI’m sure that we all first heard of Frankincense and Myrrh – both derived from plants – in the telling of the Nativity. Well known for their use in incense, did you know that both are becoming more common in aromatherapy?

Frankincense is derived from the gummy sap that is released by the Boswellia tree when it’s bark is cut. The viscous resin is then left to harden, at which point it is scraped from the trunk. The frankincense can then be burnt (to release it’s sweet citrus scent), chewed like gum or developed into more refined products, including our Amphora Aromatics Frankincense Essential Oil. It has been recorded that, when used in aromatherapy, frankincense aids relaxation, deepens breathing and causes the lungs to expand. We therefore recommend it to alleviate anxiety and give you an uplifting boost.

The formation myrrh is due to the same process as mentioned above, but the sap is secreted by the Commiphora tree. When burnt in it’s natural form myrrh releases a piney and sometimes bitter odour. We recommend our Myrrh Essential Oil for treating a range of skin conditions, including dry/chapped/cracked hands, eczema and athletes foot. In aromatherapy the use of myrrh is said to ‘subdue angry or inflamed emotional states’.