Make wine from your own fruit

Think of wine, and you think of grapes. But what about all of the other fresh fruit that you have at your disposal at this time of year? You can make beautiful home made fruit wines from a wide range of fruits, including apricots, plums, raspberries and many more.

Unlike grape wines, which are usually made from pure grape juice, home-made fruit wines are typically diluted with water first. The main reason for this is that certain fruits (e.g. elderberries) are simply too strong in flavor. In addition, some fruits are too high in acid and would produce a wine that is too sharp tasting.

As well as your chosen fruit, water and yeast, you will need to carefully need to consider sugar in your wine making process – the level, amount and type to add. Almost any kind of sugar can be used, and you may even wish to consider using honey!

You can make us of our fantastic wine kits available here, and feel free to contact us if you require any help, assistance or guidance.