Natural Weight Loss Aids

Green Coffee ExtractJanuary is a very popular month for people making positive changes in their lives and to their lifestyles – weight loss being one of the most common that we hear of. I’m sure that most of us have been in the position of trying to lose weight at some point in our lives, so most of us therefore know that it can sometimes feel like a major struggle and find periods where it seems that nothing is being achieved. If you’re currently in the process of losing weight then we do hope that it is going well and that you’re succeeding in making permanent changes to your eating habits and exercise routines – after all, it is these changes that lead to permanent change.

We’d also like to cover a couple of natural products that are used by many to assist with weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones – you may have heard of these being connected to Kim Kardashian (the celebrity has range of weight loss products containing the compound). There have been very few studies into the use of ketones as a weight loss aid, however initial tests have suggested that the compound stimulates lipolysis (this is the process of fat in some cells being broken down) as well as suppressing the release of pancreatic lipase – this enzyme is needed break down fats to allow them to be absorbed through the small intestine.

Green Coffee Extract – green coffee beans are, quite simply, un-roasted coffee beans. In this un-roasted form the beans are rich in chlorogenic acid – upon roasting, the vast majority of this is broken down and lost. Some studies suggest that chlorogenic acid slows the absorption of fat from foods as well as increase the metabolism of excess fats.

If you are currently trying to lose weight, we hope that the above may prove useful for you. If you would like any further information or advise, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way that we can.