Paraben Free Household Products

Method Paraben-freePeople are – thankfully – becoming more and more aware of the nasty ingredients and chemicals used in so many of the products that we all take for granted and use on a daily basis. One of the most common aspects that people are looking to avoid altogether are Parabens – these are a kind of chemical which are used as a preservative in many household and cleaning products. Parabens prevent and inhibit the growth of microbes. It is known that parabens can be absorbed through the skin, blood and digestive system and research has shown that there are health risks associated with them, most notably that they can disrupt hormone function which can have very dangerous effects.

As a result, many people are now sourcing products that are paraben-free, and (in terms of household products) we absolutely love the method range of products. Formed in America in 2001 by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, method are on a mission to create fantastic household cleaning products that don’t contain any ‘dirty’ ingredients, are incredibly effective…and even smell incredible!

Here at Half Moon Wholefoods we’re delighted to stock a great range of the method paraben-free products. The range includes toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, hand washes, laundry detergent and even specialist wipes. So we recommend taking some time to browse the range and make the effort to rid your household of ‘dirty’ cleaning products!