Vitamin D Deficiency – Effects and Remedies

Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D deficiency is very common – for many with only a mild deficiency there will be no discernible symptoms, but for others they may be left feeling tired and suffering with general aches and pains throughout their body. For those with a more serious deficiency there can be severe effects, most notably osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children.

The primary action of the vitamin is to enable the absorption of calcium and phosphorous from our diet and these, in turn, are responsible for keeping our bones strong and healthy.

As you may know, Vitamin D is predominantly made through exposure of our skin to sunlight, at which point cholesterol in the skin is converted into vitamin D, but it can also be gained from oily fish cod liver supplements. As a result of the relatively limited range of sources many people suffering with a deficiency often opt for taking a simple supplement, as this is arguably the easiest way to increase levels. In this instance, we always recommend Nature’s Aid Vitamin D tablets.