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Gluten Free Hampers


  • 1:00am Jan 1st

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Welcome to Half Moon Wholefoods

Half Moon Wholefoods is a health food store which started life over 25 years ago, first as a cooperative, then passing into a private ownership. The current owners, Alison and Kathleen, took over the health food shop in 2007 and have continued the trend of the previous owners to increase the variety and range of products on offer. This includes items such as diabetic hampers, organic hampers and gluten free hampers. Be sure to browse our online shop for more products or alternatively visit our store in Cumbria.
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Vitamin D Deficiency – Effects and Remedies

Vitamin D deficiency is very common – for many with only a mild deficiency there will be no discernible symptoms, but for others they may be…
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